Back in Time:
The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology

Authors: Greg Mitchell and Rich Handley

Softcover 2013

Great Scott, the space-time continuum can be a tricky place to navigate! But fear not, time-travelers, for your troubles are over. The next time you hop into your DeLorean, bring along Back in Time: The Back to the Future Chronology to guide you through every galaxy-shattering paradox.

Back in Time explores the complex timelines of Back to the Future, as presented in the films, cartoons, novels, comics, video games, card game and even McDonalds Happy Meal boxes. Bring some spare plutonium or a few empty cans for the Mr. Fusion, and prepare to blast to the past, as The Back to the Future Chronology brings you:

Designed for both casual fans and those who know the names of Jennifer Parker's three grandfathers, The Back to the Future Chronology is your guide to Hill Valley history.

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Bob Gale, Co-writer and Co-producer, Back to the Future Film Trilogy

Your new book is amazing! OK, guys, you get the crown for sure now--I don't think anyone knows more about the BTTF universe than you do! I'm blown away by all of the info--scary that I unleashed all of this! Anyway, I hope you sell lots of copies, and thanks for being such a committed fan! (Let's just hope you aren't committed as a result of all of this!)

AJ LoCascio, Voice Actor, Marty McFly, Telltale Games' Back to the Future: The Game

Check out the new book from Hasslein Books! These things are so incredible—I wish I could go back in time and give one to my younger self!

Visit AJ's site...

Guy Hutchinson, Host, Flux Capaci-cast 12,

This is such a wonderful project, and these are such well-made books... Buy both books--then go back in time and buy them again! It's a beautiful book! So well written. Can't put it down!


Steve Czarnecki, Beyond the Marquee

The chronology is easy to read and the illustrations by Pat Carbajal are awesome... sometimes they depict an image of something referenced in the films we never saw, or paint the picture with familiar characters in settings of the timeline that we may never have heard of. This gives the book a fresh and exciting feel... not only will most people be excited to recognize key moments from the films they do know, but peppered in-between are new adventures we're now quickly finding ourselves checking the code key on the bottom to learn where and when this event took place. I can't stress enough how much heart, passion and dedication have gone into these Back to the Future books. As a Back to the Future fan, this book rejuvenates everything I fell in love with about the films growing up and now fills my imagination with not just the events I'm familiar with, but long-forgotten or newly discovered adventures too.


Jamil Scalese, Comics Bulletin

I found this to be a highly enjoyable read, a trip back to a period where the first sparks of my love for sci-fi and smart plotting erupted. I would recommend the thorough and fun Back in Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology to any hardcore fan.


C.J. Bunce,

...a fun read for movie watchers of all ages who can't get enough of the clock tower and Marvin Berry and Huey Lewis, future skateboards, and Old West steampunk time travel trains. As unauthorized works go, Back in Time is better than the average chronology book, on par with the Star Trek Captain's Logs series of books.


John Kenneth Muir, Author and Literary Critic

"Back in Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology by Greg Mitchell and Rich Handley is the latest master-work from Hasslein Books, an imprint fast developing a reputation for intricate, comprehensive, exhaustively detailed texts about beloved genre franchises."


Brian Cronin, Comic Book Resources' "Legends" Series

"Rich Handley has co-written a new book about Back to the Future. I figure it'll be appealing to you Legends fans out there!"


Awesome Geek Stuff: The Online Geek Catalogue

"This is an incredible book for those who are fans of Back to the Future, even if they have viewed none of the other media sources outside of the original trilogy of films."


Alessio, Webmaster, Ritorno Al Fuuro II (an Italian Back to the Future Fan Site)

"These two books contain a wealth of knowledge and curiosity about the world of Back to the Future."


Megan Gotch, The Nerdy Girlie

There was so much BTTF history in this book that I had NEVER heard about, having only watched the movies. The authors Greg Mitchell and Rich Handley even provide us with a detailed family tree for all the characters and my favorite, a thorough history of Hill Valley. Back In Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology is a must-own for any Back to the Future fan! Add it to your holiday shopping list now!


Marty Mulrooney, Alternative Magazine Online

"An investment that will no doubt pay back dividends over time, this is truly (along with Lexicon) as authoritative as it gets. Well worth your time and investment, both now and far into the future. After all, that's the power of love!"


Stefan Blitz, Forces of Geek

"Designed for both casual fans and those who know the names of Jennifer Parker's three grandfathers, The Back to the Future Chronology is your guide to Hill Valley history."


Anneka Winder, Geek News Network

"Fellow geeks know it's notoriously hard to please a fan--we tend to object if our stickler, nerd-ish standards do not match what has been put in front of us. That being said, this chronology's concise. Intricate. Brilliant. It's dense with detail in the most wonderful sense of the phrase: it's fit for the dauntless fans, those who wish to be dauntless fans, and those who just enjoy a nice, slightly brain-warping reference book."


Ruth Suehle,

"Even if you're not quite up to [the authors'] level of BTTF dedication (and I doubt any of us are), this is hardly like reading a history book. More like reading the whole story, but in the right order! And I'm always a fan of a book that gives me a leg up at the next trivia night at the bar, which these compendiums clearly do... If you've got a BTTF fan on your gift list (or yourself, the easiest person to buy gifts for), you should snag a copy of each book­-you'll be the hero of the holidays."


Amazon Reviewer "Wolfpack923":

"I got this for my son, along with the Lexicon. He is so excited to own these! Hasslein Books made my childhood wish come true, with the Planet of the Apes timeline and Lexicon books. Now my son has the same, for HIS favorite movies! Great job, guys! Thank you so much!"


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