Timeline of the Planet of the Apes: The Definitive Chronology

Author: Rich Handley

Softcover, 322 pages • ISBN: 978-0615253923

Hasslein Books

Planet of the Apes, a classic post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama, has riveted audiences with its stunning performances, brilliant make-up work, resonant soundtrack and powerful statements on humanity, science and religion, as well as the jaw-dropping revelation in its legendary final moments. But the 1968 film was just the beginning of the story. Four sequels, two TV series, two film remakes, and more than a dozen novels and 120 comic books later, POTA remains a vibrant and relevant mythos. Mining this extensive wealth of material, as well as rejected or unpublished tales unavailable to fans, Timeline of the Planet of the Apes explores: 

Written by Lexicon of the Planet of the Apes author Rich Handley, Timeline examines these and other questions, presenting every recorded event of the Apes saga, in its proper chronological context―from long before Caesar's birth to far beyond Earth's destruction. No other reference book has covered the saga's expanded universe so completely.

Along with a detailed timeline spanning millennia, Hasslein Books' debut title also features a gallery of more than 350 cover images, a recommended viewing/reading order, an examination of time travel in the Planet of the Apes mythos (on screen and in print), and a title/creator fiction index―plus, insightful notes discussing preliminary and discarded story concepts, inconsistencies and discontinuities, unpublished lore and other fascinating trivia.

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Dayton Ward, noted Star Trek novelist and contributor, The Planet of the Apes Chronicles:

This may be hard for some folks to believe, but Rich is an even bigger freak for all things Planet of the Apes than I am. Dude's written two swank books on the subject, even: Timeline of the Planet of the Apes–The Definitive Chronology and Lexicon of the Planet of the Apes–The Comprehensive Encyclopedia. So, yeah…Rich knows all about those damned dirty apes. And stuff.


Award-winning novelist Robert J. Sawyer:

Rich Handley's Timeline of the Planet of the Apes is a magnificent labor of love. He's taken on the staggering task of trying to make sense out of the jumble of contradictory facts and figures—not to mention temporal paradoxes—in the five original movies, the live-action and animated TV series, Tim Burton's remake, and more, presenting a fascinating chronology of humanity's downfall, the rise of the apes, and the ultimate fate of our planet. The book is gorgeously designed, handsomely printed, copiously annotated and more fun than—you guessed it!—a barrel of monkeys. Highly recommended.


Popular author, critic and blogger John K. Muir:

Timeline of the Planet of the Apes is an involving read. It's a labor of love and ultimately as involving and thought-provoking as the movies themselves. It's a perfect companion if you seek "the bigger picture" and the sweeping context of history in this bizarre, oft-revisited alternate world.

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Marvel Comics Planet of the Apes writer and comic-book legend Doug Moench:

It sure looks spiffy, and certainly represents an enormous amount of work. I'll go out on a limb and say you should be proud.

Revolution on the Planet of the Apes co-author Ty Templeton:

I just received my copy of the timeline in the mail today, and I am staggered at the book. It's just wonderful! Like you, I treasured my timeline from the Marvel comics magazine in the Seventies (which you refer to as the backbone of this project), and to see it expanded upon so completely is just jaw-dropping. The cover, and the package itself, are filled with lovely bits and pieces I'm glad to have print versions of (especially the cover galleries at the back). I'm honoured to be included in the general mishmash that Pierre Boulle, Rod Serling, Paul Dehn, Arthur Jacobs and Charlton Heston started off all those years ago, and very thrilled to see our work as part of the tapestry.

Malibu Comics Planet of the Apes editor Tom Mason:

Heads up, monkey lovers! Uber-Apes fan and writer Rich Handley has put his stinking paws on the history of one of the most beloved and maddening sci-fi franchises ever... Packed with 350 cover images, a recommended viewing/reading order, time travel trivia, a title/creator index of published fiction and a wealth of POTA inconsistencies and discontinuities, make the book a must-have item for any true fanboy. Someday, the apes will rule us all, and it's nice to see how they plan to do it.

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POTA comics writer Sam Agro:

If you are a Planet of the Apes fan, (and who the heck isn't?), here's something nifty you should check out, Timeline of the Planet of the Apes, and the recently released Lexicon of the Planet of the Apes. These two tomes of delicious Apey goodness were written by a rather mad genius named Rich Handley. Rich, who can only be described as an extreme Planet of the Apes fan, has compiled the definitive timeline of all things Apes, and a compendium of all the remaining elements of the Apes sagas. It encompasses all the movies, TV series, comic books and assorted ephemera that have borne the name. It's a daunting task, to be sure, and one that has been performed with great precision and unmatched dedication by the industrious Mr. Handley.


The late Mike Valerio, TV writer-producer and POTA comics writer:

Timeline of the Planet of the Apes is a tribute and a testament to the characters, visions and imaginations of Pierre Boulle, Rod Serling, Michael Wilson, Paul Dehn and all the other writers who followed in their footsteps to help create the vast totality that is the Planet of the Apes series. Rich Handley's massive tome is a remarkably entertaining, enlightening and exhaustive introduction to science fiction cinema's darkest and most dystopian sagas. He is to be congratulated for undertaking this epic journey... and for taking us along with him.

Simian Scrolls co-editor Dave Ballard:

Whilst reading, I was undecided if this was the work of a genius or a maniac—so I decided to settle for it being the work of a maniacal genius... Just as the actors' personalities managed to "bleed through" John Chambers' incredible make-up, author Rich Handley's personality bleeds through every word, sentence and paragraph. This book is a celebration, an unashamed love-letter and an invitation to share in his passion and enthusiasm for Planet of the Apes. The distance between his approach and that of someone delivering a dry lecture to an audience that doesn't really care is about as wide as the universe he has chosen to explore... A truly stunning cover wrapped around a clear, eye-pleasing layout, Timeline of the Planet of the Apes: The Definitive Chronology proves, once again, that anything of worth in the future of the Apes franchise is in the hands of its fans.

Simian Scrolls co-editor John Roche:

I had my copy of Rich's Timeline book today, and it is stunning. It is THE Apes bible for all time. I'm amazed at the depth and wealth of information in here. If you are an Apes fan, you need to get your stinking paws on this right away! I ordered mine earlier this week, paid £6 express delivery, and it arrived today. That's service. And the book is my favourite Apes book ever, just knee-weakeningly brilliant. I'm amazed at how good this book is—buy it everyone, you won't be disappointed. I can't recommend this book highly enough. It is a must read for any self-respecting Apes fan. Until I read this wonderful book, I don't think I had understood Apes at all.

Planet of the Apes International Fan Club founder Terry Hoknes:

I finally got my copy today, and Rich, I am totally impressed. I knew it would be good, but this is amazing!! A great in-depth analysis of the timeline, as well as a comprehensive index to all POTA works and publications with photos of each item. This is the ultimate reference tool! I guarantee you will love this book, everyone, so make sure you pick up a copy!! blogger Darren Stockford:

Having received Timeline of the Planet of the Apes this morning, I've got an overwhelming urge to post this: Wow. The book looks gorgeous—way beyond what I was expecting from a self-published venture. That's not a judgment on your writing and research, Rich—I've read enough of your stuff in Simian Scrolls to know that's top-notch. I just wasn't sure how good a job [print-in-demand] would do for you. If my copy is the norm, I'm very impressed. The size of the thing is breathtaking. I've only read the introductory sections so far, but I've had a general scout through the pages and have seen enough to know that it's been a real labour of love for you, Rich—the ultimate Scrolls article. I'm looking forward to delving in properly. As a Planet of the Apes fan, I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work, and well done for getting the book out there. If there were any other Apes lovers in my family, I'd be stuffing copies in their stockings in a few weeks' time—even though I don't think they'd fit.

Jeff Bond, editor-in-chief of Geek Monthly, in issue #25 (March 2009):

If Handley can make the 2001 remake make sense, he deserves an Ape Nobel.

Review: Click here

Chris Shields of Last Flight of the Icarus:

Since so much of the POTA series deals with time warps and what happens when you arrive in a time not your own, wouldn't it be nice to have a guide to when you are (you'll eventually find out where you are if you just follow the beach line). Well, Rich Handley has taken care of you. Handley has written an epic 322-page timeline compendium for the Apes series. 322 pages! I did say "epic," didn't I? Comprehensive seems... mundane in how to describe this work.

Star Wars author Abel G. Peña:

Timeline of the Planet of the Apes, by Rich Handley, is an absolute tour-de-force of simian lore. The timeline chronicles every last scrap of published (and unpublished) fictional information on this saga of Darwinism gone bananas. The level of detail in this is, frankly, astounding: everything you ever wanted to know about Apes but were afraid to ask! One of the many things I found stunning was that the book postulates a truly believable way to reconcile Tim Burton's recent film with the original classics, creating a more cohesive, much more enjoyable mythology. Great creativity, great writing, great art and great layout. Great book! If you're an Apes fan, definitely get your stinking paws on this overwhelming tome.

POTA Yahoo Group moderator James1102:

I just got my copy of Rich Handley's Timeline of the Planet of the Apes, and although I had seen proofs in PDF format, I am really impressed by the final printed version. This is a work of immense scholarship, encompassing all the various POTA films, TV series and offshoots, like the comics, Power Records and novelizations. The breadth and depth of the book is just staggering. This is the must-have reference book for all POTA fans. The cover art gallery, alone, is worth the cover price.

Tales of the Norse Gods contributor Rob Morganbesser:

Let's start with the cover. Absolutely beautiful. Really a wonderful color, just so vibrant and well done. Kudos to the artist who did a fine job. Now, the interior. Wow. What can I say? Rich has gone through everything, and I mean everything—each single bit of POTA minutiae out there. AND I mean EVERYTHING. From a minor Argentinian POTA comic to the recent Revolution on the Planet of the Apes. Every cover to every Apes comic ever published. It even includes (gag) the Burton (not really his fault) POTA "reimagining" (a word I'm growing to hate). Just a truly amazing accomplishment. A very worthy addition to the bookshelf of any Apes fan. Quite a bit of entertainment here. Rich, take a bow—you deserve it!

Will Hoover, Will's Action Figure Universe:

"Now that's what I call a first-class tribute to the POTA franchise. The cover of Timeline of the Planet of the Apes alone is a masterpiece!"


Brandon Goeringer, Go Ape! Podcast:

"It tells you everything that's been made--the definitive chronology of all things Planet of the Apes... another unbelievable, absurd amount of information for any fan."

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Mark Hunt, Podcast of the Apes:

"It takes the entire saga, from Planet of the Apes to the Tim Burton movie and everything--books, comics, cartoons--and arranges it in chronological order. it is REALLY good! For someone like myself, who loves nitpicky chronologies, this is chronology porn. It is the best--it is SO good... it is the Apes fans' Bible."

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