Total Immersion: The Comprehensive Unauthorized
Red Dwarf Encyclopedia Volumes I and II

Author: Paul C. Giachetti

Softcover, 340 pages each • ISBN (A-K): 978-0578150574 • ISBN (L-Z): 978-0578150581

Hasslein Books
Hasslein Books
Hasslein Books

If you have ever wondered if there was more to Red Dwarf than just a television series, then prepare to have your nipple nuts spun, because Total Immersion: The Comprehensive Unauthorized Red Dwarf Encyclopedia has got you covered!

The quintessential reference guides to the whos, whats, whens and wheres of the entire Red Dwarf universe, Total Immersion contains thousands of entries from the television episodes, novels, websites, games, comics and more, meticulously compiled and all-inclusive. Every person, place, thing, event and reference is alphabetically listed—from Androids to zero-gee football, from Alphabetti Spaghetti to Zogothoniumeliumoxiixiexiphulmifhidikalidrihide—to produce this trivia buff’s ultimate treasure trove of all things Dwarf. This two-book set includes:

Written for both casual fans and those who know the range of a C-180A Canary Rifle, Total Immersion is your one-stop guide to the entire Red Dwarf mythos. Smeggin’ hell!

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Wayne Bowns, Red Dwarf fan (

As a massive Red Dwarf fan, this was one or rather two books I could not be without. The illustrations are clear and well drawn, the subjects easy to find and understand, an essential book for all Dwarfers and one well worth getting.

Amazon Reviewer L. Beikircher:

Both books leave nothing to be desired! ... It is obvious that this reference guide was made lovingly by a fan for fellow fans... I can highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Red Dwarf or who knows a fan of Red Dwarf.

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Amazon Reviewer Joe Crowe:

I am amazed at the amount of geeky detail. It's a tribute to the show that there are so many facts and minutiae to put in a book. It's also a tribute to the show that this book is so fun.

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Amazon Reviewer Jerry Parsons:

Beyond Detailed (or should I say Beyond a Joke?). Great reference!

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ori-STUDFARM, ScutterCast (Red Dwarf Forum):

The amount of information and the research that must have been involved to produce these two encyclopedia books is immense.... this book is worth every penny.

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Amazon Reviewer Daniel Lange:

If anyone is interested in seeing the whole picture instead of the little snippets online this is something I highly recommend.

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Wayne Bowns, Krytie TV:

674 pages in total, consisting of everything that has appeared in the TV episodes, the novels, the Smegazines, the websites and everything in between. You get the most comprehensive guide in the known universe--an absolute must-have for any die-hard Red Dwarf fan... I am very happy to have these books in my collection. Seeing that any new Red Dwarf merchandise is not being produced at this moment in time, it is great to see that someone has taken it upon themselves to create what can be considered the most complete guide to everything in the Red Dwarf universe.

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The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club Magazine Better Than Life, Issue #7:

The level of detail is an unparalleled undertaking that sees every passing reference, every subject mentioned in a throwaway line, and every background character given its page space. This is impressive in its own right, but the book's strength is that it doesn't stop there.

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Amazon Reviewer Geoff Owen:

If you're a Red Dwarf fan, these are essential purchases… Your Red Dwarf collection isn't complete if these books aren't part of them.

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Erica Madore, Amazon Reviewer:

I am a huge RD fan, and I finished reading the encyclopedias cover-to-cover a few weeks ago. They are absolutely incredible! I couldn't ask for the collection to be more thorough, and I love how much multimedia it included beyond just the shows.

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