Planet of the Apes Flashback: The U.K. Live Stage and Arena Shows From the 1970s

Hasslein Books, in cooperation with Simian Scrolls magazine and the Planet of the Apes Wikia site, is pleased to unveil something thought long forgotten: the script to the Planet of the Apes live stage show of the 1970s. Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of Apes lore, the stage show was produced for British theaters by Television Character Promotions (T.V.C.), which also produced a U.K. Apes-based fan club with Marvel Comics, as well as a rodeo-style POTA arena show. The shows were written by Mike McCarthy, directed by McCarthy and Tom McCabe, and produced by Michael A. Caulfield and Bill Kenwright.

Courtesy of McCarthy, we present below both the stage-show script and a synopsis of the arena show. What follows is McCarthy's original script and synopsis. The names of the two astronauts—Taylor and Brent—are presented here as originally written, but would have been subject to change depending upon which actors played the roles at any given show. During performances, the names Bob and Brad were used for Taylor, while Brent was called Jeff.

The slave girl, unnamed in the typed script, was called "Pellah" in handwritten notes on the script pages and "Pila" in news clippings and fan-club newsletters; McCarthy, however, indicates her name was actually spelled "Pela." The gorilla soldiers, also unnamed on paper, were called Orack and Zako in the stage show, and Nero, Plato and Virgil in the arena show.

As with all shows, revisions were made—and examples can be seen by viewing scans of the actual script pages, which contain McCarthy's handwritten notes. A PDF of the script is available here, while a scan of the arena-show synopsis is available here. Text versions of both appear below. In addition, PDFs of five newsletters published by the fan club can be downloaded at Hunter's Planet of the Apes Archive: May 1976, July/September 1976, November 1976, January/February 1977 and March/April 1977. Hunter's site also features a Fan Club Poster Diary from 1976.

Click on the images below to view larger versions. For other information related to the live shows, check out Neil Moxham's Wikia article on that subject. Thanks to Neil for writing that article and for granting permission to use the images contained within, to Mike McCarthy for generously offering his time and access to his archives, to Simian Scrolls' Dave Ballard for cleaning up the images prior to posting, and to those who provided Neil with the images culled from the Wikia site (credited below).

The following script is copyright © Mike McCarthy. Planet of the Apes and all related characters are copyright © 20th Century Fox. No rights infringement is intended.

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WRITER: Mike McCarthy
PRODUCER: Mike Caulfield

A T.V.C. Production

Page 1

Advertisement for the stage show (courtesy Mike McCarthy).

Planet of the Apes

SCENE 1 (The Landing in the Forbidden Zone)

(Blackout. Sounds of Mission Control on tape.)

MISSION CONTROLAll systems go. Prepare for takeoff. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Ignition and takeoff.

(FOLLOW SPOT. Sound of spacecraft taking off/flashing light effect/moving through space.)

COMM: They're moving through a time barrier—through the year 1988, 2008, 2088, 3008, 3035, 3085, years...

(5-second silence.)

Explosion, followed by blackout.

TAPE: They've crash-landed. The year is 3085. The month is March. The date is the 21st. The planet is the Planet of the Apes.

(As the light comes up, the smoke rises from the spacecraft.)

TAYLOR: Brent... Brent.

BRENT: (still caught in the wreckage)Over here... quick... my leg is caught... ah...

(Taylor finds him.)

TAYLOR: Stay still or you'll make it worse for yourself. When I lift this, drag yourself out from underneath... OK... right... now.

BRENT: It's no good... it won't move.

TAYLOR: Come on, try again... now.

BRENT: Can you take it higher? Yeah, go on... it's moving.

TAYLOR: How's that?

BRENT: Great... I'm clear.

TAYLOR: Come on, then. Let's get out of here.

(He helps Brent free of the wreckage. They both collapse, exhausted.)

BRENT: Thanks, buddy-boy... what happened?

TAYLOR: I don't know...

BRENT: You don't know... After loosing control of a machine that's taken thousands of years to evolve, you tell me you don't know what happened.

TAYLOR: (annoyed)That's right...

BRENT: And how are we going to get back?

Page 2

Poster for stage performance at London's Theatre Royal
(courtesy Mike McCarthy).

Planet of the Apes


TAYLOR: Listen, you dumbhead, you're lucky to be alive, never mind worrying about getting back.

BRENT: Yeah... I suppose you're right. Well, what do we do now?

TAYLOR: First, we try and find out where we are; second, we fix the ship; and third, collect some rock samples and get the heck out of here.

BRENT: That sounds like a good idea. Right... you check the wilderness, and I'll take a look at the ship

(He tries to stand up.)

BRENT: Oohh...

TAYLOR: Hey... are you sure you are all right? That was some weight on your leg, you know.

BRENT: Yeah, I guess I can just about manage to hobble over to the ship.

TAYLOR: (helping him)OK. But take care. I wouldn't want you to strain yourself.

BRENT: Do I ever?

(Brent starts to exit the ship. Taylor examines some rocks. Brent stops by exit.)

BRENT: Taylor.


BRENT: Have you any idea where we might be? I mean, just a rough guess would do.

TAYLOR: Scientist don't deal in rough guesses, Brent.

BRENT: OK, then. Speaking as a highly trained and experienced astro scientist, do you know where we are?


Page 3

Poster for the stage show (courtesy Dave Ballard)
Planet of the Apes

BRENT: (looking around)Do you think this place could be inhabited?

TAYLOR: Maybe... Then again, maybe not... Your guess is as good as mine.

BRENT: My, my, we are being scientific today... I'll go fix the ship. Leastways, then I'll knew what I'm dealing with.

TAYLOR: When you've got time, check out the radio transmitter, will you? It took quite a knocking when we came down.

BRENT: Yeah... I know how it feels... I just want to check out the fuel pipes. We don't want home sweet home blowing up on us, do we.

(Exit Brent... Taylor continues collecting samples. A slave girl enters cautiously, obviously very frightened. She stares at Taylor for a while before he notices her. He stands up slowly, looking at the girl with disbelief.)

TAYLOR: (to himself)What is this? It must be the effect of the crash (shaking his head). I'm hallucinating... I must be... (looks back at girl) or am I?

(He moves towards her slowly, but she backs away.) Hi...

(She doesn't answer.)

TAYLOR: Please don't go away. I won't harm you.

(She stands rigid, scared.)

TAYLOR: Here, look... take this...

(He takes off his watch... the girl thinks it is a weapon and darts away.)

TAYLOR: It won't harm you... It's a present... look.

(He puts the watch to his ear and presses the alarm button and it buzzes. The girl looks interested. Taylor holds out the gift for her.)

TAYLOR: Here... take it... It's yours.

(She approaches slowly. Taylor holds the watch at arm's length. When she gets close, she grabs it and takes it to a corner, where she examines it. Brent returns.)

BRENT: Have you seen the spare fuses for the automatic tim... (He sees the girl.) Holy smoke... I think I must be ill.

Page 4

Photograph taken at a theater near Thurrock Essex, circa 1976
(courtesy Lance Alexander)

Planet of the Apes


BRENT: (to Taylor)You know, for one minute, I thought I saw a beautiful girl sitting over there. Now, you're my friend; tell me I'm not mad.

TAYLOR: Well, aren't you going to say hello to the young lady?

BRENT: You mean that really is a girl over there?

TAYLOR: Look for yourself.

(Brent turns slowly and stares... the girl is still engrossed in the watch.)

BRENT: But who is she, and where did she come from?

TAYLOR: I've no idea. One minute I'm looking at a beautiful rock, and then at a beautiful girl.

BRENT: Has she spoken to you?

TAYLOR: I don't know if she can.

(Brent moves towards her)

TAYLOR: Careful now. She hasn't seen you yet.

(He moves towards her. She is still playing with the watch.)

BRENT: name is Brent.

(Startled by the different person, she goes to run away.)

TAYLOR: Brent... stay where you are. (He goes towards him.) He is my friend... my friend. (Hugs him.) See... he won't harm you...

(The girl seems reassured, and holds out her hand towards Brent.)

BRENT: What's that for?

TAYLOR: She wants a present.

BRENT: A present... but I haven't anything to give her.

TAYLOR: What's that in your hand?

BRENT: It's the valve adjuster, why?... Oh, no... I can't give her that. It's the only one I've got.

Page 5

News clipping showing the cast (courtesy Mike McCarthy).
Planet of the Apes

SCENE 1 Cont.

(The girl moves towards Taylor with hand outstretched. Brent looks at Taylor, realises he cannot refuse and offers her the spanner. She grabs it and takes it to her corner.)

BRENT: (shaking his head)You know, you amaze me, Taylor. Here we are, or rather, here I am trying to get us off this wasteland, and all you can do is give my tools away to the natives as presents. Why not give her the spacecraft as well. She can use it as a temple of worship.

TAYLOR: But where does she come from? There must be more of her kind. If only she could speak, then she could be really useful to us.

BRENT: Well she can't speak, and unless she's a qualified engineer, she is going to be of little use to us. (He goes back to the ship.) And watch she doesn't eat that adjuster.

(Taylor continues to search for samples while the girl continues to examine her gifts. Taylor comes across a piece of animal fur.)

TAYLOR: Brent.

BRENT: Yeah.

TAYLOR: Come over here a minute.

BRENT: (off) Look, do you want this ship fixed or not?

TAYLOR: Yeah, later... come here, will you.

(Brent enters, wiping oil off his hands.)

BRENT: You know... one of those days, I might just get to finish a job without an interruption. But I wouldn't bet on it, though.

TAYLOR: (showing Brent the fur)What do you make of this?

BRENT: It's a piece of fur.

TAYLOR: Right.


TAYLOR: What do you mean... so?

BRENT: So, what is all the fuss about over a piece of animal fur?

Page 6

Promotional photo given out at the arena show
(courtesy Mike McCarthy—who also wore the costume for the photo).

Planet of the Apes

TAYLOR: I found it caught behind some rocks. I wonder if it's a big or small animal.

BRENT: Why not ask the girl? She must know what the owner looks like.

TAYLOR: I suppose it's worth a try.

(He approaches the girl. She sees he has something in his hand and thinks it's a present. He offers her the piece of fur. She goes to take it, realises what it is, shrinks back in horror, drops her presents and runs off.)

TAYLOR: Well, what do you make of that?

BRENT: She obviously knows what it is.

TAYLOR: It must be some form of wild animal. We had better be on our guard.

BRENT: It could be a fearful monster.

TAYLOR: Yeah... and you could be an astronaut.

BRENT: OK. Point taken, I'll keep quiet. (He goes to return to work.)

(Taylor sees a footprint in the earth.)

TAYLOR: Brent... look...

BRENT: A footprint... and not one of ours.

TAYLOR: I don't like it, Brent... something don't feel right.

(Brent sees another print.)

BRENT: Hey, look.

(A voice offstage [tapes] repeats what he has said.)

TAPE: Hey, look.

(They both swing around, guns drawn, but nobody is there.)

BRENT: What's going on?

TAYLOR: Who's there?

Hey, look...

BRENT: What is it?

TAPE: (both sides at once)Hey, look...

TAYLOR: Quick... stand back to back.

BRENT: It sounds like some sort of machine.

TAYLOR: Yeah... but who's controlling it? (shouts) Hello.

BRENT: Try again.

TAPE: Hello.

Page 7

Proposal letter sent from TCP to theaters (courtesy Mike McCarthy).
Planet of the Apes

TAYLOR: Who are you?

BRENT: Whoever they are, they don't seem very talkative... let's get out of here.

TAYLOR: Yeah... sure... Which way would you go?

What do you want here?

BRENT: He must have heard us.

TAYLOR: We wish you no harm. Our ship has crashed on your planet, and we need your help. We would like to meet you and ask your assistance.

BRENT: Hey... hold on... I'm not so keen to meet him.

How many are you?

BRENT: Just two.

Wait where you are.

(The astros relax a little, but still keep their guns ready.)

BRENT: What do you think?

TAYLOR: I don't know.

BRENT: They seemed friendly enough, considering that we've just gate-crashed on their planet.

TAYLOR: You told them there were only two of us.

BRENT: Well yeah... I guess I did. At the time, I could not see anyone else, unless they were hiding, and that's not a bad idea.

TAYLOR: Why did they want to know how many we are?

BRENT: Perhaps they want to invite us to dinner, you never know. Maybe they're sending us along some technicians to help us repair the ship. I don't care what they look like, so long as they give us a hand and help us on our way.

(Taylor looks around and sees three gorillas approaching.)

Page 8

TAYLOR: Then why don't you ask them?

(Brent realizes that they are behind them, goes to turn round sharply but Taylor stops him.)

TAYLOR: Keep your gun down.

BRENT: What?

TAYLOR: I said, keep your gun down.

BRENT: No wonder the girl ran away.

(The apes approach, rifles at the ready.)

APE 1: Drop your guns.

(The astros look at each other.)

APE 1: Put your guns on the ground.

TAYLOR: Do as they say.

BRENT: But if we—

TAYLOR: Look... we are in no position to argue.

(They place guns on the ground.)

TAYLOR: (moving towards them)We are friends. We come in peace.

(Ape pushes him away.)

BRENT: Hey... (he goes to stop him, but is stopped by a gorilla).

APE 1: What do you want here?

TAYLOR: I was trying to tell you that we come in peace. Our spacecraft crashed as we were taking atmospheric readings around your planet.

(One of the gorillas has noticed the girl's presents on the floor.)

APE 1: What are those?

TAYLOR: What are they? They are very valuable trophies from our planet. Take them, they are yours

(The gorillas begin to fight over them. Astros see this as their chance to escape, but a gorilla sees this and fires at their feet.)

APE 1: You bring guns. They are not carriers of peace.

BRENT: Well that's not exactly a bunch of flowers you're holding, either.

Page 9

Business card from Television Character Promotions (courtesy Mike McCarthy).
Planet of the Apes

APE 1: We have to protect ourselves against invaders.

BRENT: But we keep telling you we are not invaders. We come in...

APE 1: Silence... You are intruders and must be brought before our great warrior leader, Urko... Move... You (to apes) search the ship and bring anything of interest to the city.

(They take astros off.)

Page 10

News clipping (courtesy Mike McCarthy).
Planet of the Apes



(Chants of URKO build up as he appears with Dr. Zaius on the rostra to address the crowds.)

URKO: Greetings, citizens. I am but a simple soldier.


URKO: And as a soldier, my duty is to you all. Together, we can and will make this planet the greatest in the whole of the universe.

(Cheers and applause.)

URKO: What I saw when I became your commander saddened me. Our country was imprisoned on one side by the sea, and on the other by desert. And inside our country, we were infested by these parasites, which we call humans. Parasites who devoured the fruits that we had planted. Who polluted the precious water of our lakes, and who continued to breed in our very midst like maggots, in a once healthy body.

URKO: What could we do?

URKO: I know what every soldier knows, that the only thing that counts in the end is force.


URKO: Today, the human herds have at last been caught. No single human being has escaped our net. They are either dead... or rotting away in our cages, condemned to die.


URKO: I do not say that all humans are evil simply because their skin is hairless... but they will never... unlike us... be able to tell the difference between good and evil. Had they been allowed to live and breed amongst us at their will, they would have overwhelmed us. Our strength would have been meaningless, our culture wasted, and our civilisation destroyed.

(Great shouts and cheers.)

URKO: Thank you... thank you...

(Chants of URKO build up as the lights dim. As Urko and Zaius leave the platform, the astros are brought into the courtyard below.)

APE 1: Hold them here, and I will get Urko and Dr. Zaius.

BRENT: What is this place?

TAYLOR: It must be what they call Ape City.

BRENT: But it is incredible... Look at that architecture. I've never seen anything like it before in my life—surely, they didn't build it.

Page 11

TAYLOR: Who knows, someone certainly did.

APE 1: (returns) Silence for our leaders, Dr. Zaius and Urko.

(Urko enters, followed by Zaius.)

URKO: Well, well, well, what have we here?

APE 1: They say they have crashed on our planet, and that they have come in peace.

URKO: (walking around them, looking them over) Come in peace, have they? We shall soon see about that.

DR. ZAIUS: Urko.

URKO: Yes... what?

DR. ZAIUS: A word with you, please.

(He moves forward, and Urko follows him.)

URKO: What is it, Doctor?

DR. ZAIUS: I don't think they should be harmed yet.

URKO: What... but they are humans, doctor. They must be put down like the rest of them. I don't think I like this sudden change of heart, Doctor. Perhaps you should go take a rest.

DR. ZAIUS: My dear Urko, I'm not in need of any rest, thank you, and if you would listen to me for one minute, you would understand.

URKO: Understand what? What is there to understand?

DR. ZAIUS: These humans are not of the same breed as the ones we are accustomed to. You have only to look at the way they are dressed to see that, and if that thing they call a space-ship has crashed, then both their ship and the knowledge they bring could be of great use to us.

URKO: Humans of use to us! That's very dangerous talk, Doctor.

Page 12

Cardboard mask-shaped theater program given out
at the stage show (rear view—courtesy Mike McCarthy).

Planet of the Apes


DR. ZAIUS: I am quite aware of the dangers, Urko, believe me, but their knowledge could bring us nearer to realizing our dreams.

URKO: Yes... I suppose you're right... I will wait a couple of days for you to do what must be done, and then I shall have them destroyed.

DR. ZAIUS: That is all the time I need. I shall return to my study immediately, to carry out the necessary research. Meanwhile, I suggest that you look after our guests...

(Exit Zaius.)

URKO: (moving towards astros) Welcome, my friends, to our city. My name is Urko, leader of the warrior gorillas, and my friend who has just left us is Dr. Zaius, an elder statesman who is leader of our Council. We hope that your stay here will be a comfortable one.

TAYLOR: That's very kind of you, Urko, but we don't intend to stay very long. As we have said to your friend here, we come in peace and mean no harm to your people, so if we can count on your assistance, we will be on our way.

URKO: You will not refuse my hospitality. You will go on your way when I say, and not before. Meanwhile, we have prepared a little room for you... put them in the cage.

(The astros struggle, but are forced into the cage.)

URKO: I hope your stay with us will prove to be comfortable, for I assure you that it will not be a long one.

(Exit Urko.)

Page 13

Cardboard mask-shaped theater program given out at
the stage show (front view—courtesy Mike McCarthy).

Planet of the Apes



DR. ZAIUS' STUDYThe doctor is busy reading and making notes. There is a knock on the door.

DR. ZAIUS: Come in.

(Galen enters.)

GALEN: Excuse me, Doctor. I hope I'm not making a nuisance of myself, but I was wondering... would you be requiring my services today?

DR. ZAIUS: Why yes, Galen... do come in. I'm involved in some rather important research at the moment. If you wouldn't mind waiting for a few moments, I'll find you something to do.

GALEN: Very good, Doctor.

(Dr. Zaius continues working. Galen picks up an old book and starts flicking through the pages.)

GALEN: Doctor?


GALEN: What will become of the two humans who were captured today?

DR. ZAIUS: You're an intelligent enough chimp, Galen. I would have thought that you would have known the answer to that question yourself.

GALEN: You mean that they will be destroyed.

DR. ZAIUS: They are humans, are they not? And you know our policy towards the human race.

GALEN: Yes, I am aware of that, Doctor, but surely they wish us no harm, as I have heard them say. They can't possibly be a threat to our community.

DR. ZAIUS: That's traitor's talk, Galen, and you would do well to speak no more on the subject of humans. If Urko were to hear you, he would punish you severely.

Page 14

GALEN: Maybe so, but I still do not understand the need to destroy for the sake of destruction.

DR. ZAIUS: You will, my young chimp, you will...

(Galen finds something of interest in one of the books. Zaius continues working. Galen sees a picture of the two astros setting out from Earth in 1985.)

GALEN (to audience) It is a picture of the two humans. It says here that they took off from our planet in 1985... and now they're back in 3085. I must read some more of this.

(He hides the book under his tunic.)

DR. ZAIUS: Galen... what are you doing over there?

GALEN: Oh... n-n-nothing, sir... j-j-just taking a look around your study. I think I must be going now... I... I... I just remembered a job I would complete for my father. I shall call back later, Dr., when you have time to find work for me.

DR. ZAIUS: Galen...

GALEN: Yes, Doctor?

DR. ZAIUS: Are you ill?

GALEN: No, Doctor... why do you ask?

DR. ZAIUS: You seem to be holding your stomach. I thought, perhaps, that you might be in pain.

GALEN: Why no, Doctor. It is just a slight stomach upset. Probably something I have eaten. I shall take something for it when I get home.

DR. ZAIUS: Wait, Galen... I have some medicine on my desk. Come over here and take some. Never let it be said that you left my house in pain.

GALEN: I am sure I will be all right, Doctor.

DR. ZAIUS: Here, take this.

(He pours out medicine whilst keeping hold of Galen, and gives it to him.)

DR. ZAIUS: How's that?

Page 15

News clipping
(courtesy Mike McCarthy).

Planet of the Apes

GALEN: Fine, thank you, Doctor.

DR. ZAIUS: I don't know... you still look a bit off-colour. Perhaps a little stomach massage will help.

(Zaius removes book from Galen's tunic.)Well, well, what have we here? Has my little friend taken to stealing?

GALEN: My intention was only to borrow the book. I would have returned it as soon as I had read it.

DR. ZAIUS: Knowledge, my young friend, can be a very dangerous thing. That is why it is necessary to keep the tools of knowledge (waving book) under close supervision. Otherwise... there is no telling what might happen if it were to fall into wrong hands.

GALEN: But surely, Doctor, the truth is the truth.

DR. ZAIUS: Yes, Galen, but the truth can be interpreted in many ways.

GALEN: Then who says which is the right way, and which is the wrong way?

DR. ZAIUS: That, my young friend, is a matter for your conscience. If you are curious and seek more knowledge, ask me and I shall tell you what I can, but stealing my books will only bring you unhappiness... now you may go.

(Galen starts to leave.)

DR. ZAIUS: Galen...

GALEN: Yes, Doctor.

DR. ZAIUS: You will just be patient.

(Galen goes. The doctor looks at the book Galen has been reading, slams it closed and, shaking his head, replaces the book. He sits to continue his work.)

Page 16

Brochure from the Theatre Royal during the show's tenure at that locale
(courtesy Mike McCarthy).

Planet of the Apes




(The scene opens with Taylor and Brent in the cage, and a gorilla guard walks past on his rounds.)

BRENT: You know, if we hadn't have spent so much time exchanging presents with that girl, we could have been on our way home by now.

TAYLOR: But there must have been more of her kind. She can't have been the only one. But where are they and where do they come from? Surely they don't live here.

BRENT: It wouldn't surprise me if she didn't work for them. She did do a good job keeping us busy until her good looking friends showed up... and she did disappear just as they arrived... she's probably Mrs. Urko, for all we know.

TAYLOR: Pack it up, will you, Brent... are you going crazy or something?

BRENT: I'm sorry... I guess the strain is beginning to tell. How are we going to get out of here, though?

TAYLOR: Let's try those gorilla guards out there... they don't seem too smart to me.

(As one of the guards walks past.)

TAYLOR: Hey... King Kong, come over here a minute.

(The gorilla edges over to the cage, rifle at the ready.)

TAYLOR: I don't think much of this hotel. How about some food for me and my friend?

(Ape grunts.)

TAYLOR: Yeah, food... you know, if we get any thinner, we'll be able to slip through these bars, and Uncle Urko wouldn't be happy if that happened, would he?

BRENT: Look... all we need is some food—bananas, nuts, anything.

TAYLOR: Somehow, I don't think we're getting through to him. OK, my friend, you may go now.

(Ape grunts and goes off.)

BRENT: Well, I think we've established the fact that they're pretty stupid.

TAYLOR: I think our hairy friend probably thinks otherwise. After all, we're the ones locked up in a cage, and he's standing outside with a gun.

Page 17

BRENT: Yeah... I suppose if you look at it that way, I guess he's not so dumb.

(They sit.)

(Two gorillas enter, one with a plate full of food and drink, and the other on guard.)

BRENT: Well, what do you know, do you see what I see? Now that's what I call room service.

(Gorilla opens cage and hands food in.)

BRENT: He isn't taking any chances, though.

(The gorillas watch them eat.)

BRENT: Do you think they are waiting for a tip?

TAYLOR: You know, I don't think I'll visit a zoo ever again.

(The apes exit.)

BRENT: We must have made them hungry (shouts after them). Hey, how about a bit more salt next time...

TAYLOR: At least they don't intend to starve us to death.

BRENT: Some consolation.

(They settle down to eat. Galen enters cautiously, runs past the cage to check that the area is clear.)

TAYLOR: Hey... we've got company.

BRENT: Perhaps he's come to collect the leftovers.

GALEN: (moving towards the cage) Please do not raise your voices. I am in great danger and should not be here. If I am caught now, all will be lost.

(They look puzzled.)

BRENT: Then why are you here?

GALEN: I was close by when you were captured. I heard you say that you wish us no harm. I believe what you say, although I do not know why. I just feel that we should be friends, not enemies... Oh yes... my name is Galen.

TAYLOR: (a bit confused and suspicious) Yeah well... this is Brent, and I am Taylor.

GALEN: What strange names you have.

Page 18

Ad for the live shows, printed in Marvel UK's
POTA comic(courtesy POTA Wikia).

Planet of the Apes

TAYLOR: Look Galen, you must help us out of here and back to our ship.

BRENT: Wait a minute, I don't like the look of this, it could be a trap. It seems to me that that guy Urko is just waiting for an excuse to put a bullet in our backs.

GALEN: Don't be under any illusions, my friends. Urko needs no excuses, he means to kill you anyway, and would have done so by now if it wasn't for Dr. Zaius holding him back while he does his research on you.

BRENT: You mean he knows of us?

GALEN: Oh yes, he knows many things.

TAYLOR: Galen, when we landed, we came across what looked like a native girl, dressed in rags. Tell me, how did she get there? Was she also a space traveler, and how many more of them are there?

BRENT: Yeah, and what planet is this, anyway?

GALEN: One question at a time, my friends. The human you saw is not a space traveler. Humans have always been here, only there are very few of them left now. Urko has seen to that... and as you are of the same race, he will destroy you also. As for the answer to your second question, I would have thought you would have recognised the place... You are on the planet Earth.

BRENT: What... this Earth... you must be joking... you're not, are you. Oh my God, no... surely, not this.

TAYLOR: And you say that all humans have been destroyed.

GALEN: No... not all of them. A small tribe still exists in the Forbidden Zone, where you landed. The girl you saw was one of them.

TAYLOR: Then if this is Earth, then where is this place?

GALEN: I believe this used to be called London... or... England.

Page 19

Handbill for one of the live shows
(provided to Wikia page by Neil Foster).

Planet of the Apes

BRENT: I don't believe it... the human race destroyed, and the planet ruled by monkeys.

GALEN: Believe me, we are not all like Urko and his gorillas, but a few of us are powerless against his might. I saw your pictures in Dr. Zaius' book. It seems that only a few of your people wish to make war and cause trouble, and as you see, after 1000 years or so, nothing has changed.

TAYLOR: Galen, you must help us escape. We have to return to our own time, and perhaps we can find a way to help your people, but before we go, we must establish contact with the human tribe.

BRENT: Hadn't we better get out of here first?

GALEN: I cannot free you. The gorilla guards have the keys. When they return, try to distract them and I shall see what I can do.

BRENT: But if you free us, then you will be putting your own life in danger.

GALEN: That is of no consequence... It is important for us all that you return home with your information... I hear the guard returning. We will have to move quickly.

TAYLOR: Good luck, Galen. (offers him his hand)

GALEN: What are you doing?

TAYLOR: Give me your hand. It's a sign of friendship.

GALEN: Thank you.

(He shakes Brent's hand and then leaves. Two guards enter.)

TAYLOR: OK, Brent, that food wasn't very good, was it...

BRENT: Oh, I don't know, I've tasted worse... Oh, I see. Ooooooh, my stomach.

Page 20

(He feigns illness, rolling around the floor, holding his stomach).

TAYLOR: (to apes) Hey, you two... what are you trying to do... poison us. Look what you've done to my friend.

TAYLOR: (to Brent) Take it easy, Brent, lie still. It's only a touch of food poisoning.

BRENT: Oh... I'm dying...

(The apes are fascinated by what is going on. One of them puts his gun down to have a closer look. As they both move towards the cage, Galen creeps up and picks up the gun and aims it at the gorillas. Brent recovers, and they both make faces at the gorillas and as they move away in anger, they come face to face with Galen.)

GALEN: Put the gun down and move away from the cage. Right... whoever has the key, open the cage... slowly.

(One of the guards goes for Galen, who fires at him, wounding him in the arm.)

GALEN: Now, do as you are told and open the cage.

(He does so, and the astros climb out.)

GALEN: Throw the keys on the ground and get in the cage.

GALEN: (to Brent) Right... lock the cage.

TAYLOR: Thanks, Galen, we won't forget this.

(They shake hands.)

BRENT: Yeah... I'm sorry I doubted you.

GALEN: It's the least I can do, but now you must go. That shot will bring more gorillas.

TAYLOR: But what about you?

GALEN: I will be all right. Now go, quickly.

(The astronauts run off, Galen runs in the opposite direction straight into the arms of Urko.)

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Fan Club message, printed in Marvel UK's POTA comic (courtesy POTA Wikia).
Planet of the Apes

URKO: Oh… it's you, is it. I should have known. Well, you won't be causing any more trouble, my little chimp friend.

URKO: (to gorilla) You release these two idiots... Well, Galen. So you choose to be a traitor. Then you shall be treated as one and shot.

GALEN: But I demand a trial.

URKO: You demand a trial... Well, then, you shall have your trial but remember, it doesn't take long to say goodbye. Take him anyway...

(They exit.)


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Fan Club application form, March 1976 (courtesy POTA Wikia).
Planet of the Apes




As the lights come up on an empty courtroom, Dr. Zaius enters first and arranges his books. Two gorillas follow and take their place as the jury, Urko as chief prosecutor, arrives.

DR. ZAIUS: Are we all assembled?

URKO: We are.

DR. ZAIUS: Then bring in the prisoner.

(One of the gorillas goes to do this.)

URKO: I trust, Doctor, that this trial will be conducted quickly. After all, it is only a mere formality, is it not?

DR. ZAIUS: We are here to listen to accusations against young Galen, and he is here to answer them. After we have heard both sides of the case, we shall decide on the best course of action to take regarding the prisoner.

URKO: Bah... all this is totally unnecessary and a waste of time.

DR. ZAIUS: Be patient, Urko, and we shall reach the truth.

URKO: I'm not concerned with the truth, only what is right for our people.

DR. ZAIUS: Well, we shall see what is right. Now, please take your place.

(Galen is brought on.)

GALEN: Doctor, I must protest at the way this...

URKO: Quiet, traitor... you will remain silent until you are asked to speak.

DR. ZAIUS: Guard place the prisoner in the dock.

(He does so.)

DR. ZAIUS: This court is now open.

DR. ZAIUS: (to Urko) What are the charges against the prisoner?

URKO: The prisoner, Galen, is charged with arguing with his superiors, clearly showing that he does not feel as we do. He has questioned the decisions of the Council, and is therefore a threat to the community. Not only has he done this, which in itself warrants the death penalty, but also he has released our two most important prisoners, proving beyond all doubt that he is a traitor to the Planet of the Apes. There can only be one verdict, and that is guilty, and only one punishment, the firing squad...

Page 23

GALEN: But this is not justice.

URKO: Silence... It is the only justice traitors can expect.

DR. ZAIUS: Has the prisoner anything to say to these charges?

GALEN: I have... Nothing I have said is a threat to my leader or our people. I believe in saying what I feel is right, and I believe that this is to the good of our community. I think that we should all be able to say what we feel, and I...

URKO: Enough... I refuse to listen to any more of this traitorous rubbish.

GALEN: No, Urko... you never listen to anyone. Perhaps it is because you are afraid of the truth. I have done nothing to be ashamed of. All I have tried to do is help two humans who have landed on our planet. They say they come in peace. If so, they should be welcomed as our guests and given help. But instead, you intend to kill them.

GALEN: (to Zaius) Please, Dr. Zaius, surely you understand why I did it. I beg you, let them stay as our friends until they can return to their own wives and children.

URKO: They are our enemies and will be shot on sight, and as for you, you are a fool and a traitor and must therefore pay the greatest penalty... Guards... prepare a firing squad.

(The guards look bewildered.)

URKO: Move, you idiots.

DR. ZAIUS: Wait, Urko... This trial has not yet reached its conclusion. There are many more details to be discussed. You must allow this Court to proceed in the proper manner; otherwise, our apes will begin to question the justice of our Court.

URKO: If this chimp does not pay the full penalty for his deeds, then justice will be questioned. He is a traitor, and traitors must be shot.

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Fan Club quiz, printed in Marvel UK's POTA comic
POTA Wikia).

Planet of the Apes

DR. ZAIUS: If I might make a suggestion... I think we should examine more closely what young Galen has to say, because although I do not disagree with you, Urko, it seems to me...

URKO: And it seems to me that you are doing nothing but wasting time. It is perfectly clear that we are being abused and threatened by this impudent, human-loving chimp. He wishes to change us and our ways. Think how long it has taken us to build what we have; is it all for nothing? If you cannot see the danger, you are foolish, old one.

(Gun shots off stage.)

ZAIUS: Gun shots... our scouts must have spotted the escaped humans.

URKO: Let us prepare reinforcements. We must waste no more time in capturing these humans. Place the prisoner in the cage until we return, and this time we shall not fail.

(Galen is placed in a cage. The rest exit.)

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(The astros enter, staggering breathlessly.)

BRENT: It's no good, I'm finished. I can't run any further, it's my leg.

TAYLOR: You must. Come on—we've got to lose them.

BRENT: You go ahead. If they come this way, I'll try and hold them off.

TAYLOR: Let's rest a while over there, and if they pay us a visit, then we'll both fight.

(He helps him to a place of cover.)

BRENT: How far behind do you think they are?

TAYLOR: I don't know, but I guess they can't be that far, going by those rifle shots we heard.

BRENT: How far are we from the ship?

TAYLOR: It's difficult to tell. I'm not even sure if we're going in the right direction.

BRENT: It doesn't look too good, does it?

(Taylor says nothing.)

BRENT: Still, I guess we're a lot luckier than Galen. What a great guy, to rescue us and put his own life in jeopardy. You know, I don't think I've ever seen such courage—and what will he get in return? A bullet in the back from that ape, Urko.


TAYLOR: I'm going back.

BRENT: You're what!?

TAYLOR: I said I'm going back. We can't leave him there. We'll take him back with us. You wait here and rest, and I'll be back in a few hours.

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Logo of the POTA Fan Club (courtesy POTA Wikia).
Planet of the Apes

BRENT: Hey, hold it, will you? Are you mad? You'll walk straight into them.

TAYLOR: The last thing they'll be expecting is for one of us to walk into Ape City in broad daylight, right?

BRENT: Right.

TAYLOR: So that's exactly what I'll do.

BRENT: Hey, what's all this "one of us" business? I'm coming too.

TAYLOR: But your leg—you can't walk.

BRENT: Well, funny you should say that, it seems to be getting better all the time. Come on, let's go.

TAYLOR: (hears a noise) Ssshh!

BRENT: What is it?

TAYLOR: I thought I heard something

BRENT: I don't hear...

TAYLOR: There it goes again... I think we've got company.

BRENT: Well, it looks like this is it. I suppose this is as good a place as any to fight it out.

TAYLOR: Here, take this rock, it may come in useful—if we get near enough to them, that is.

(They prepare themselves for an attack. The slave girl comes on.)

BRENT: It's the girl.

TAYLOR: Wait here, I'll call her over.

BRENT: No! It may be a trap.

Page 27

TAYLOR: Look, we've got nothing to lose—and anyway, if she is with that tribe, then we've got to find them.

BRENT: OK, but take it easy.

(He moves behind and grabs her. She struggles. Taylor takes her over to the cover.)

BRENT: We're your friends, remember? We're not going to harm you—do you understand? It's useless. Look at her eyes; she's like a scared animal. What do we do with her now?

TAYLOR: Let her go.

BRENT: What!? If we let her go, she'll make so much noise that those apes will be down on us like a ton of brick.

TAYLOR: That's a chance we've got to take. She's not going to believe that we're her friends if I hold her like this for much longer.

BRENT: OK, but don't say I didn't warn you.

(He [Taylor] lets her go. She moves away from them, but no too far.)

GIRL: (tries to speak) Yo...

TAYLOR: She's trying to say something.

GIRL: Yo...

BRENT: Come on, we're listening.

GIRL: You.

BRENT: Us... yeah, go on.

GIRL: You friends.

BRENT: Yeah! We're your friends... Hey, did you hear that, Taylor?

TAYLOR: Yeah, and so did half the population of Ape City. Now cool it, Brent.

Page 28

Autographed promotional photo given out at the arena show, with
Urkoportrayed by Mike McCarthy
(provided to Wikia by Mark Talbot Butler).

Planet of the Apes

(Taylor goes to speak with her.)

TAYLOR: Where are your people?

GIRL: (pointing to astros) People, people.

TAYLOR: Yeah, that's right, people. Where are your people? Your friends?

(She becomes sad.)

BRENT: (to Taylor) Take it easy, will you, they're probably all dead.

GIRL: Dead people, friends... dead.

BRENT: I told you.

TAYLOR: OK, but are they all dead?

BRENT: Maybe not, but how do you find out?

TAYLOR: (counting on his fingers to girl and pointing) One, two, three people... here. Yes. How many of your people friends here?

(The girl at first seems confused, but then counts out eight fingers.)

TAYLOR: Eight... so there are eight humans left on this planet. All that is left of mankind is eight pathetic humans.

BRENT: There won't even be that when Urko gets hold of them. And talking of Urko, hadn't we better get back to the city? Even now, we may be too late to help Galen.

TAYLOR (To girl) We have to go to Ape City to help our friend. When we come back, you will take us to your people, yes?

GIRL: People... yes...

BRENT: Come on, let's go.

(The girl goes to go with them.)

BRENT: Hey, what's she doing? She can't come with us.

Page 29

Stratford production cast members in publicity shoot
Simian Scroills magazine).

Planet of the Apes

TAYLOR: (to girl) No, you stay... we will come back.

GIRL: (counts out three on fingers) People—friends.

TAYLOR: (to Brent) You heard what the lady said.

(Noises off stage.)

GIRL: Sshh! Listen! Quick, hide.

(Girl warns astros. Two gorilla scouts come on.)


(Fight sequence as astros jump them and, with the help of the girl, overpowers them.

BRENT: (to girl) Thanks.

TAYLOR: There's bound to be more behind them, so let's go. (picking up rifles.) Here, take these. I think we're going to need them.

(They exit.)

Page 30


COURTYARD PRISON(The scene opens with Galen in the cage and a gorilla on guard duty. It is early morning. Enter Dr. Zaius. He goes towards the cage.)

DR. ZAIUS: Good morning, Galen. I trust you had a good night.

GALEN: As well as can be expected under the circumstances, thank you, Doctor.

DR. ZAIUS: Galen, I am truly sorry that you have to be locked up like this. I knew the day that you left my study, that you would be up to no good.

GALEN: I was doing what I know to be right, and I think that you, too, know it to be right.

DR. ZAIUS: Galen, you are such a stubborn chimp. If you'd only listened to me, then you wouldn't be in this mess.

GALEN: I can't listen to you forever, Doctor—and have you ever considered the fact that you might be wrong?

DR. ZAIUS: But I have the knowledge at my disposal, and do not...

GALEN: It is not the knowledge that I question, Doctor, it is how you and Urko are using it to further your own ends.

DR. ZAIUS: How can you say such a thing, Galen? I am a senior official, and what Urko and I do is for the good of the community, and that alone.

GALEN: Have you come to see me, just to tell me this?

DR. ZAIUS: No, I haven't. I am here to help you, Galen—that is, if you wish to be helped.

GALEN: I could have done with help before now.

DR. ZAIUS: Galen, I'm sure that if you were to realise the error of your ways and plead for Urko's mercy, then I would do my best to see that he grants you a pardon.

GALEN: I appreciate what you're trying to say, Doctor, but it's too late. I would rather die than admit defeat.

Page 31

Photo-op from a store appearance, autographed by Orack,
Galen and Zako (provided to Wikia by Mark Redding).

Planet of the Apes

DR. ZAIUS: I was afraid you might say that, Galen. Urko plans to have you executed this morning.

GALEN: Then if that is what shall happen, then so be it.

DR. ZAIUS: Very well, then. I see I am wasting my time. It is clear that your stubbornness will be your downfall. Goodbye, Galen.

GALEN: Goodbye, Doctor.

(Dr. Zaius exits. Galen rests.)

(Taylor enters cautiously and slugs the guard. The girl and Brent follow. They check the other exits.)

GALEN: What are you doing here? And with one of the humans? You must go quickly—otherwise, they will kill you.

TAYLOR: Not so much noise; otherwise, we'll all be killed. (to Brent) Quick, Brent, the keys.

(He goes to free Galen.)

GALEN: You shouldn't have come back. You should have escaped while you had the chance.

(The guard starts to come around.)

GALEN: Quickly, the guard is coming around and the others are due here shortly. You two hide behind the cage, (to astros) and you (to girl) come with me.

BRENT: Hey, where are you going with her?

GALEN: I have something that may help us out of this mess. She must help me with it. Let us go.

(The astros hide behind the cage. The gorilla guard sees the cage empty and exits in pursuit. The astros, seeing that the coast is clear, appear from behind the cage and move towards the audience.)

BRENT: Hey, how long do you think he's going to be? I don't fancy hanging around here much longer.

Page 32

Autographed card issued by UK Fan Club
(provided to Wikia by Neil Foster).

Planet of the Apes

TAYLOR: He must have something up his sleeve.

BRENT: He'd better.

(Urko enters upstage, sees what's happening and hides behind the cage.)

TAYLOR: Sshh—listen.

BRENT: What?

TAYLOR: Did you hear something?

BRENT: Only my knees knocking.

TAYLOR: It sounded like somebody moving.

BRENT: Yeah, that's what we should be doing—moving out.

TAYLOR: I must have imagined it.

(Urko appears from behind the stage and moves towards the astros.)

BRENT: Hey, I heard it that time. (to audience) Can you hear anything, kids?

(Cross chat with the kids until Urko pounces. Fight between Urko and astros. As Urko begins to weaken, the two gorilla guards join the fight. As the astros begin to weaken, Galen and the girl enter and set off a bomb. As Galen and astros jump on Urko, a gorilla grabs the Girl. Urko, furious at being caught, issues orders to his guards.)

URKO: Don't just stand there, you dumbheads, shoot them! Kill them!

(The gorillas are confused, not knowing wether to shoot or not.)

URKO: Well, what are you waiting for?

APE: But we might hit you.

GALEN: Release the girl, or else Urko will die.

Page 33

URKO: Keep hold of that girl! Don't you see that if you do release her, they'll still have me?

APE: But what do we do now?

URKO: Just keep hold of her.

GALEN: You might as well release her, Urko. There is no way out for you this time.

URKO: I will not be made to look a fool by humans. Galen, we are of the same kind—let us match our skills in a fight. If you win, then you and your friends go free.

GALEN: And if I lose?

URKO: Then you must stand trial for treason.

BRENT: Don't be ridiculous. Galen can't possibly match your strength in a physical contest.

GALEN: I'll do it.

BRENT: What!?

URKO: Fine. Now if you gentlemen will release me, we will proceed with the contest.

TAYLOR: What about the girl?

URKO: Release her.

(She goes to astros. Urko and Galen move to centre.)

URKO: Right, my little chimp friend, choose your weapon.

GALEN: No weapons.

URKO: No weapons, hey? Very well then, let us proceed.

BRENT: I can't watch this. Urko's gonna squash him.

TAYLOR: It's not over yet. Perhaps the kids will help him.

Page 34

A poster for the live show (courtesy POTA Wikia page).
Planet of the Apes

(Urko and Galen fight while astros encourage audience to shout and chant. Eventually, Galen wins. Astros congratulate him. Urko lies exhausted and defeated gorillas help Urko up.)

GALEN: Well, Urko, you called the tune and lost. Now I trust that you will abide by your part of the bargain.

URKO: (out of breath) Yes, of course. The agreement was that if I lost, then you would all be guaranteed a safe passage.

GALEN: That is correct.

URKO: Well, my clever friend, I'm afraid you overlooked one factor.

GALEN: And what is that?

URKO: That Urko never loses—shoot them.

(The astros rush gorillas. Galen and girl deal with Urko. They escape, leaving Urko and gorillas in a mess. Urko is furious, takes it out on his gorillas and sends them after them.)

Page 35

Badges issued to members of the UK Fan Club
(provided to Wikia by Martin Gainsford).
Planet of the Apes

SCENE IV: The Forbidden Zone(Slave girl, Taylor, Brent, Galen enter exhausted.)

BRENT: How much farther is the ship? We seem to have been running for miles.

TAYLOR: It must be around here somewhere. Look, that rock formation. Didn't we pass that on the way to Ape City?

BRENT: It all looks the same to me, like finding a needle in a haystack.

(The girl, ear to the ground, hears the apes approaching.)

TAYLOR: They can't be that far behind. Let's try this way.

(The girl tells them to try another way, through the audience.)

BRENT: Let's follow her. At least she's on home ground.

(They exit. The gorillas enter, followed by Urko. They are not sure which path to take.)

URKO: What is the matter? Why have you stopped?

APE: There are two paths here, Urko. We are not sure which one they have taken.

URKO: Bah! If you lose them, I'll make sure that's not all you lose. Which way do you think they've gone? (They point the wrong way.) Then they must have gone the other way—go on after them.

(As they exit, Taylor, Brent, girl and Galen enter.)

BRENT: Hey, look, we're here. There's the ship. Come on, let's get on board.

GALEN: No, I must stay here. You go, quickly.

TAYLOR: But we can't leave you here. They will kill you. Now come on, get on board.

GALEN: But this is my home. What will my family and friends think?

TAYLOR: They wouldn't be very happy if Urko got his hands on you, would they?

GALEN: (shakes head)

Page 36

Fan-club calendar produced in 1976 (submitted to Hunter's
POTA Archive by Mark Rogers and Greg Plonowski).

Planet of the Apes

TAYLOR: Well, then, it's settled. Let's go.

(They all move towards the ship except the girl, who doesn't move.)

BRENT: Look, what is this? We're not on a picnic; we've got to get out of here.

TAYLOR: You start up the ship, Brent, and we'll be right with you.

BRENT: Yeah, I've heard that before. Now come on, Galen, I'll need your help. I'll let you be captain for the day.

(They exit, leaving the girl and Taylor.)

TAYLOR: We have to go away. You come with us.

(She shakes her head.)

GIRL: Friends. (She points to herself and Taylor.)

TAYLOR: Yes, we are friends. You come with us.

GIRL: No, friends here... me stay.

TAYLOR: But if you come back with us, we will be able to help you. Here, there is no one to help you.

GIRL: Me stay.

TAYLOR: I guess I can't force you to leave with us. Well, so long, then, and thanks.

(He kisses her on the check.)

GIRL: You come here, friends.

TAYLOR: Yeah, we'll be back. Don't you worry about that.

(The ship's engines start up. The gorillas approach from the audience. Brent and Galen enter.)

BRENT: Come on, let's get out of this place.

(The girl exits. The astros hold gorillas off, and then make a dash for the ship. Gorillas fire after them. Sound of ship taking off. Urko is left alone, shaking his fist to the sky.)


Video of the arena show, performed at Plymouth Hoe, circa 1977 (provided to Wikia by Derek Tait).
Planet of the Apes


Download in JPG format.

WRITER: Mike McCarthy


  • Urko
  • Galen
  • Dr. Zaius
  • 2 Astronauts
  • 3 Gorillas

Below: Five stills from the above video of the Plymouth Hoe
performance (provided to Wikia by Derek Tait).


TAPE—Countdown and Introduction.

Cue for first entrance—"Aided by Galen, a Chimpanzee friendly to the Humans, they escape."

Urko, Dr. Zaius and Gorillas enter Arena and ride around.


Urko sends the Gorillas off to investigate—one gorilla dismounts, also Urko and Dr. Zaius. They give horses to helper and then move to crowd.

Enter astronauts—one running slightly ahead of the other—they are chased by two Gorillas on horseback with a net between them—Urko sees what is happening and moves towards them to block their path—the astros drop to the floor—the net passes over them and catches Urko. Gorillas run to help Urko—astronauts run into the crowd—Urko kicks Gorillas about and sends them off after Astros.

When the centre of the Arena is clear Astronauts make a break for the horses. As they get central a Gorilla spots them and fires—they stop—two apes move towards them. 1st FIGHT SEQUENCE (Apes win).

Astronauts caught—tied up to face firing squad. Urko signals the countdown (no tape countdown here!)

Galen enters—knock down the firing squad as they are about to fire. He tries to free astronauts but Gorillas recover and he is chased off. One ape stays on guard—everyone else follows Galen into Crowd.

COMEDY SEQUENCE: Galen taps Dr. Zaius on back and Zaius turns round without seeing him—he then sneaks up on Urko and kicks him to the ground.

(While this is happening the Astronauts slug the guard and escape).

The other apes see what is happening and after a short chase they catch him.

Urko gun salute.

Galen is paraded in front of the crowd.


Two apes sent off.

TRIAL SEQUENCE: Gunshots—one ape left on Guard. Urko and Zaius exit.

Enter Astros chased by two apes on horses.

2nd FIGHT SEQUENCE (Astronauts win.)

Galen is set free. Astros hide Behind cage—Galen exits.

Astros come forward. Urko enters and comes up behind them. Urko

Pounces—SHORT FIGHT—Apes return—Asros captured.

Firing Squad.

Enter Galen with bomb—places it by apes. Countdown—explosion.

Galen frees Astronauts—Astronauts and Galen escape.

Urko and apes booed off.

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